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Opioids make up the bulk of prescription pain pills out there and they are one of the many substances involved in Tennessee’s substance use epidemic. Pharmacists have been implicated in the misuse of prescription drugs across the state. It is speculated that their roles may have influenced the widespread consumption of opioids across several age groups in Tennessee. Prescription opioid abuse is an unpleasant phenomenon that has resulted in unfortunate consequences.

Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse show that the number of drug overdose deaths involving prescription opioids reached a maximum of 739 in 2016. Currently, synthetic opioids top the chart for opioid-involved deaths in the state, and heroin accounts for a significant fraction of the total deaths. Even though these recent statistics suggest that drug providers no longer chart the course for opioid use in the state, Tennessee still has one of the highest rates of opioid prescriptions in the US.

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Tobacco use is another major substance abuse complication in Tennessee. Despite its notable decline over the last two decades, a large percentage of Tennesseans still report its use yearly. Between 2014 and 2017, almost 2 million youths and adults used tobacco in the past year, at a rate that surpassed both regional and national values.

Louisville is located in Blount County. The city’s small size and low population may preclude it from being a key influencer of the state’s substance use trends. Nevertheless, Louisville is not entirely exempted from the substance abuse crisis ravaging Tennessee.

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People do not deliberately trade-off the pride and satisfaction that come with being in control. Likewise, they would not consciously give away their ability to make decisions that are well-thought-out and rewarding. They prefer to nurture these abilities at whatever costs. For chemically dependent individuals, the vulnerability that comes with an addiction can be overwhelming. Even though most of them long to regain their independence and confidence, they are sometimes deterred from doing so.

Addiction Treatment in Louisville, TN

Multiple, interconnected factors drive substance misuse in most individuals. While some of these triggers may be clearly defined, a few others are beyond the understanding of these individuals. The complex interplay of these factors, coupled with the humiliating stigma associated with substance use in most societies could make abstinence too difficult to attain. In the presence of adequate and timely support, it will be possible to overcome all these challenges and fight back and hard against addiction.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Louisville, our addiction treatment recommendations will help you deal with your dependence on drugs or alcohol. It gives us great joy to watch you break those seemingly redundant cycles of substance use and to know that we were part of the story. Through our assistance, you will be able to locate and access highly valued addiction treatment programs in Louisville, TN and out-of-state. You will access programs that will cater to your overall needs and keep you sane and sober for a long time. Reach out to us via the contact numbers provided and we will be glad to get you started on your journey to long-term recovery.

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