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Opioid use is still a major problem in the State of Pennsylvania. The continuous rise in the number of individuals receiving opioid-related Medication-Assisted Therapy attests to the magnitude of the state’s opioid use epidemic. Buprenorphine-based therapy witnessed a 100% spike between 2013 and 2017, whereas Methadone users were no less than 20,000 throughout the period.

Available data from Pennsylvania’s Behavioral Health Barometer report the annual use of prescription pain relievers and heroin among about 487,000 and 70,000 individuals, respectively. Heroin use rose steadily over the last two decades and currently surpasses the national rate considerably. The consumption of prescription pain relievers, however, remains on a par with regional and national rates.

Somerset is a small city in Pennsylvania. As the seat of Somerset County, the city possibly plays a role in the state’s substance use crisis. However, beyond being an important socio-economic hub where drug markets may thrive, Somerset also lies in proximity with two major East-West Interstate routes in the region (I-70 and I-76).

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People grappling with chemical dependence require the expert assistance of Addiction Therapists to make headway in their struggle to end drug or alcohol use. However, only a minor percentage of addicted individuals seek professional addiction aid in the United States. Most of these individuals would rather deal with their addiction in isolation than find solace in the promise offered by recovery programs.

The fallouts of this response are quite evident in the many aftermaths that have trailed substance misuse across the nation. DUI-linked accidents and death, psychological disorders, unemployment, and crime are quite common. The financial cost of these outcomes is also huge. Billions of dollars are expended every year to eliminate, or at least mitigate the substance use crisis of the nation.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Somerset, PA

Addictions are often offshoots of numerous intercepting factors. Hence, it is usually difficult for addicted individuals to accurately identify all the likely triggers of their substance use or addiction episodes. This inability can forestall abstinence and make recovery unattainable. However, with professional assistance, these individuals are spared the stress of understanding, managing, or overcoming their addiction alone.

Addiction professionals at Somerset’s multiple addiction treatment centers are particularly interested in helping you loosen the grip of addiction over you. They work round the clock to help chemically dependent individuals find lasting solutions to their substance misuse struggles. Addiction treatment in Somerset, Pennsylvania provided by these experts offer in-depth insight into the perplexing nature of substance use. They would also help you or your loved one chart promising routes that lead right out of addiction.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Somerset, PA, our Recovery Advocates will lead you to Somerset PA drug rehab programs that fit your budget and make provisions for your unique needs and preferences. Our network of rehabilitation centers are located within the City of Somerset, hence, they eliminate extra costs that you would have expended on transportation to another city. Reach out to us for information and learn more about how our recommendations can benefit you.

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