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The substance use problem of the State of North Carolina may have witnessed several years of eradication strategies, but it has managed to persist nonetheless. The fact that the crisis keeps evolving new ways to outsmart seemingly effective interventions has made it a grueling challenge.  Like most states in the nation, residents of North Carolina misuse different substances including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and opioids.

Data from the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer show that more North Carolinian adolescents are initiating the use of substances. Between 2011 and 2015, up to 5.3% and 4.0% of the state’s youths reported annual first-time marijuana and cigarette use respectively. Alcohol use initiation was also prevalent in almost 1 in every 10 youths. With the rising trend of substance use initiation amongst young people across the nation, these values are possibly the lowest the state has had since 2015.

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Gastonia’s substance misuse dilemma is well supported by the city’s population and large size. As the most populous city in NC and the seat of Gaston County, the city is well suited as an important substance use hub in the state. Luckily, addiction treatment in Gastonia, NC is available to assist men, women, and families in need of professional help.

The Burden of Living with Addiction in Gastonia, NC

A large number of people abuse drugs and alcohol in the City of Gastonia and this problem has direct impacts on the city’s overall wellbeing. From stigmatization and discrimination to the commonly associated aftermaths of deaths, injuries, accidents, and crime, the multiple fallouts of substance misuse are widespread. People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol presumably face the worst consequences, but they are rarely ever alone. In addition to their families and local communities, the state and the nation also share in this burden.

Addiction Treatment Programs in Gastonia, North Carolina

At an addiction treatment center, you or your loved ones will be able to access a range of modules and therapies developed and delivered by high-ranking Addiction Specialists. Targeted at assisting substance-dependent individuals to win against their addiction, these programs yield the highly coveted long-lasting results. However, despite these provisions, most addicted individuals still find it difficult to choose a preferred Gastonia NC drug treatment program.

The ease and confidence with which individuals choose or undergo addiction therapy is often a function of the reliability of the Gastonia NC drug rehab center you’re entering. Well, one’s disposition to seeking professional support may also influence the overall recovery experience. Nevertheless, most people generally tend to trust drug rehabs in Gastonia, NC or out-of-state with proven records of accomplishment.

If you are one of those who are uncertain of where to go for addiction treatment, or what type of therapy to opt for, then Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Gastonia, North Carolina can be of great support. Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Gastonia, NC knows where to find valuable addiction modalities that you can bank on. We take a keen interest in contributing significantly to assisting our clients to access treatment services that are perfect fits for their addiction history. Our Recovery Advocates can help you to navigate this vulnerable period of your life seamlessly.

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