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The substance use crisis of the United States is perhaps the nation’s most complicated problem. Available data document the use of drugs and alcohol in up to 6 in every 10 individuals aged 12 years and above in the nation. The consequences that plague this high prevalence of substance misuse are not farfetched. A reasonably large proportion of the nation’s revenue is spent on or lost to substance use-related concerns such as rehabilitation, crime, lost work productivity and medical costs.

In New Hampshire, the narrative has not been any different from the national pattern. Opioids currently cause the majority of drug-involved deaths in the state. With the declining rate at which prescription opioids were consumed throughout the last decade, fatalities from their overdose plummeted to about 43 in 2018. Deaths from synthetic opioids, on the other hand, rose multiple folds within the same period. In 2013, less than 50 deaths were reported from synthetic opioid overdose; by 2018, this figure had risen to almost 400.

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Salem is a major commercial hub in the State of New Hampshire. Despite the city’s relatively small population size, it still plays an important role in the state’s substance misuse dilemma. Two factors possibly act in concert to promote substance use in the city. Salem’s strategic location in the state’s second-most-populous county, Rockingham, and the link it shares with a major interstate (I-93) in the region are these two factors.

Substance Abuse in Salem, New Hampshire

Numerous factors are implicated in the drug and alcohol use problem of the United States. The interplay of these elements significantly contributes to the sophisticated and all-encompassing nature of this challenge. The ease of transporting illegal recreational drugs across national and state borders influences their widespread use in the nation. Additionally, the abuse of prescription drugs has been partly promoted by indiscriminate drug providers who overprescribe them.

Amongst young people, youthful exuberance and peer pressure appear to be the key motivation for substance use. Other individuals, however, may be spurred to abuse drugs or alcohol in a bid to deal with certain ordeals like anger, stress, divorce, or abuse.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Salem, NH

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Salem, NH has a commitment to helping chemically dependent individuals find their way out of addiction is second-to-none across Salem, and beyond. Through a team of experienced Recovery Advocates, we connect you with high-quality addiction treatment services that fit your budget. We respond to your needs with empathy and professionalism while acknowledging the confidentiality of your unique experience.

At our network of Salem, NH drug rehab centers, you will access a variety of evidence-based addiction treatment modules and therapies that yield long-lasting outcomes. Regardless of the nature, duration, or intensity of your addiction, the kind of strength you will find in our recommended Salem, New Hampshire drug treatment programs cannot be replicated elsewhere.

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