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Concord, NH, is home to a relatively small fraction of New Hampshire’s residents. However, its role in fueling the state’s substance use crisis is quite remarkable. Perhaps a major factor that primes the small city for gross substance abuse is its position as a capital city. Additionally, Concord is also the county seat of Merrimack County and, by extension, part of an extensive Micropolitan Statistical Area involving four states.

The misuse of opioids is a critical aspect of New Hampshire’s substance use challenge. Although the state has kept heroin and prescription drug use under relatively tight control, it has not recorded much success with synthetic opioid abuse. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) offer insight into this dilemma. In 2018, synthetic opioids were responsible for over 90% of all opioid overdose deaths and at a rate that more than doubled the national average.

Synthetic opioids, which include fentanyl and its analogs, treat pain just like conventional opioids. They are available as prescription medications but are widely produced and misused illegally. This unusual prevalence of synthetic opioid use contributes to the severity of the state’s opioid use problem.

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What is in a Concord, NH Drug Rehab Program?

An addiction treatment program in Concord, NH can be many things in one, depending on your substance abuse history. However, its overall aim is to help you regain control over your life. Thus, the program’s various components address different aspects of your addiction and increase your chances of enjoying long-lasting abstinence.

When you enroll in a typical Recovery Program, Addiction Therapists first seek to understand your unique substance use history. Then, using this knowledge and tapping into their years of experience, these experts design tailored recovery plans for you. In most cases, these plans begin from a Detox Session and run for weeks or months across different sessions. These sessions include Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapies alongside Supplementary Therapies involving Exercise and Meditation.

In-Home, In-Patient, and Ambulatory services are the optional routes to receiving treatment. Often, your therapist will make recommendations based on the severity or duration of your substance use struggle.

Find the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in Concord, NH

To offer addicted people guidance in their quest for sobriety, Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Concord, NH works through a reliable team of Recovery Advocates. These professionals can help chemically dependent people find tailored services for their addiction in Concord, NH, and New Hampshire. With the singular focus, they pour into responding to the needs of addicted people, you or your loved ones are assured of finding best-fit recommendations.

Commencing an addiction treatment plan is not as difficult as you would expect. Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Concord, New Hampshire make provision for almost any challenge you can think of, including concerns around treatment costs and inter-city or inter-state travels. With support from our Addiction Professionals, you can have a hassle-free recovery experience.

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