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Opioids are among the most commonly misused substances in the United States. The high rates of drug overdose deaths resulting from the misuse of the drug speak volumes of the extent to which residents of the nation abuse the drug. Opioid misuse affects a relatively large percentage of the nation’s populace, and the accompanying consequences cut across several age groups. Infants, in particular, are primarily influenced by the infamous Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome (NOWS). Young children, adolescents, and adults, also suffer from the many aftermaths that trail opioid misuse.

Like most states in the nation, Nebraska’s substance use challenge cuts across both drugs and alcohol. However, unlike the national statistics, opioids are not the leading cause of drug overdose dreads in the state. With opioid abuse accounting for only 35%, it appears other more widely misused substances, including alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana, top the charts for drug overdose deaths. Available statistics show appalling rates for the use of these substances. Between 2014 and 2017, almost half of the state’s young adults used tobacco annually. Up to 90,000 individuals in this age group also indulged in binge alcohol use around the same period.

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Why People Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Individuals who use substances have reasonable justifications for their actions. Regardless of what the larger society thinks, the reasons or factors that pull people towards consuming drugs or alcohol are as diverse as these people. Fitting in with one’s peers or popular culture, improving one’s performance at work, dealing with depression, anger, stress, or uncertainty may spur substance use or addiction in specific individuals. In other cases, ignorance, long-term use of prescription medicines, or innocuous experimentation with substances is the culprit.

Often, chemical dependence overwhelms addicted people unannounced. Most substances can cause complex changes in the brain that affect how people respond to using them. Although these alterations go unnoticed, they can control the choices of addicted people. Little wonder, these individuals start dealing with withdrawal symptoms, or other adverse side effects of their actions, all of which lure them even deeper into their dilemma. This pattern, in itself, is the hallmark of addiction. Luckily, addiction treatment in Omaha, Nebraska, offers a long-lasting solution to substance abuse.

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Chemically dependent people who seek help to understand and overcome their addiction can rely on the numerous rehabilitation centers located within the City of Omaha, NE. The expert Recovery Therapists who provide addiction support at these Omaha NE drug rehab centers are well acquainted with the city’s substance use history and pattern. They leverage this knowledge to develop effective recovery plans that produce reliable results in addicted people.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Omaha, NE, we boast of a network of addiction treatment centers that spans both Omaha and the State of Nebraska. We can connect you with some of the best hands in the city’s addiction treatment industry. Our Omaha drug rehab recommendations offer affordable services that do not deprive you of the multiple benefits you should enjoy during recovery. Please, contact our Addiction Professionals if there are any questions or personal preferences you will love to discuss with us.

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