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Columbus is located in Platte County, in the State of Nebraska. The city is the county seat of Platte County. It is also one of the county’s most populous cities. Two major highways (US 30 and US 81) that link the state with its neighbors run through Columbus. With these connections, the city may be aiding the entry of drugs into the state.

In 2019, at an average adult smoking rate of 14%, Platte County ranked below 22 other counties for healthy behaviors in the state. Alcohol-impaired driving deaths surpassed the state average by about 3%, whereas excessive drinking rates were similar for both state and county.

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Although Nebraska ranks below national averages for most substance abuse indices, its excessive drinking patterns have remained an unmitigated problem. Aside from alcohol, tobacco, opioids, marijuana and, methamphetamines are also used in amounts that pose a threat to the health of most people. Nebraska’s opioid-involved deaths were 35% of the total drug overdose deaths in 2018. That same year, opioid prescriptions for the state reached an average rate of 50.6%. If you’re searching for drug rehabs in Columbus, Nebraska, we are here to assist you today.

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Living with substance abuse or addiction is challenging. Most chemically dependent individuals are discriminated against in their local communities, and this could demotivate them to seek help. Some of them battle co-occurring behavioral disorders like schizophrenia, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The society is also not left out of the struggle. DUI-linked accidents, injuries, unemployment, crime, and economic losses are all different ways that substance abuse exerts its widespread impacts on society. In the end, every member of society is affected by substance abuse, either directly or indirectly.

Even though all these horrible consequences are inevitable, they can be reversed, or at least mitigated significantly. That’s why we recommend the best Columbus NE addiction treatment programs for lasting sobriety.

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Regardless of your age, or addiction history, finding a treatment facility that suits your personal experience can be relieving. However, the search for such best-fit programs is often time-consuming and energy-sapping. At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Columbus, NE, we understand the frustration that comes with this kind of experience. Therefore, we help chemically dependent individuals to find suitable addiction treatment programs. By this, we assist them in refocusing and investing their time and energy on the actual recovery process. It does not matter what your specifications for an ideal drug rehab program in Columbus, NE, we would find you a facility that fits well. Our recommendations provide the right combination of professionals, therapies, and strategies that yield exceptional results. They have accredited Columbus Nebraska drug treatment centers that possess years of experience in helping individuals achieve long-term sobriety.

More so, these rehabilitation centers are located within Columbus, NE, or in the surrounding areas. As a result, you spend less and spare yourself the stress of traveling outside Columbus. If you are worried about the costs of treatment, our treatment facilities offer affordable services and accept most health insurance packages. You will only have to verify your plan to ascertain the extent of your coverage.

You can begin your recovery journey today. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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