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Substance abuse and addiction have left imprints all over the State of Montana without exempting the City of Great Falls. The quiet city, which boasts of five enchanting waterfalls, and a rich deposit of cultural artifacts, is the county seat of Cascade County. It is also the third-largest city in the state and the largest in the county. As one of the most populous cities in Montana, Great Falls contributes significantly to the heartrending trends of substance abuse in the state.

Montana’s suicide rate, which has consistently doubled the national average, is connected to substance abuse patterns in the state. About 48% of these deaths have been linked to alcohol, and up to 21% and 17%, associated with narcotic pain pills and marijuana, respectively. Overall DUI fatalities for the state surpassed the national average by over 8% in 2015. Data from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps showed a similarity between the Cascade County and Montana State for average adult smoking and excessive drinking.

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Among the substances commonly abused in the city are alcohol, opioids, methamphetamines, marijuana, tobacco, painkillers, and cocaine. The state averages for current, binge and heavy drinking surpassed national figures in 2015. Up to 61% of high school students reported binge drinking that same year.

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People struggling with chemical dependence often suffer other health challenges. Behavioral and mental health problems like schizophrenia, depression, and suicidal thoughts sometimes co-exist with addiction. In other cases, underlying chronic diseases may be triggered, or worsened by incessant substance abuse. Managing heart diseases, cancer, liver, kidney, or neurological damages, alongside addiction is an additional burden for chemically dependent individuals.

Aside from detoxification, which often initiates drug treatment in Great Falls, MT or out-of-state, recovering individuals will often require other treatment approaches for lasting sobriety. This may include individual counseling and other inpatient or outpatient Great Falls addiction treatment programs. Without the right support, enrolling in an appropriate addiction program could be challenging. Coupled with the burden of managing existing behavioral disorders, or chronic illnesses, long-term recovery becomes a hard nut to crack.

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If you or a loved one are struggling with substance addiction, you can find help within Great Falls without having to travel out of state. Irrespective of your needs, addiction history, or preferences, you have a good chance to exit the quagmire of substance addiction.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Great Falls, MT, we are committed to helping chemically dependent individuals achieve long-term recovery. Through our network of service providers, you will access a team of experienced, compassionate staff for addiction help. Our team considers your unique experience in leading you to specialized care from the best addiction professionals around Great Falls.

In our network are certified facilities with years of experience in the addiction treatment industry. Our recommendations adopt result-oriented Great Falls MT drug treatment programs and modalities in helping individuals reclaim their lives. If you are concerned about financial constraints, most of our addiction treatment contacts accept several insurances that may cover a significant part of your treatment expenses. A free verification process will help to ascertain the extent of your coverage. Do you have any questions? Call the helplines to speak with an addiction professional.

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