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Substance abuse affects individuals, families, and societies in distinct, yet overlapping ways. This impact is often enormous and independent of ethnic, social, or religious affiliations. Montana, so named for its extensive mountain ranges, is neck-deep into a disturbing substance abuse trend that costs the state at least $150 million yearly.

Over the years, Montana has managed to stay ahead of both regional and national averages for most substance abuse indices. The relatively high rates of suicide, DUI accident, and fatality, as well as incarceration in the state, speak volumes of the scourge of substance abuse plaguing it. Despite its low population count, which is a mismatch for its large size, the state is still fraught with alarming substance abuse rates, and young people appear to be the worst hit.

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Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in Montana

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance in Montana, with up to 58% of Montanans reporting current drinking in 2015. Recent data from America’s Health Rankings also attest to the excessive alcohol consumption pattern in the state. Montana ranked 40 nationally, surpassing the national average of 18.2% with its average of 20.1%. The Behavioral Health Barometer for the state also showed that an annual average of 52,000 of its young adults engaged in binged drinking between 2015 and 2017. Opioids come behind alcohol, closely followed by methamphetamines, marijuana, tobacco, prescription drugs, and cocaine.

The Department of Justice for the state reports that 1 in every 10 Montanans is substance dependent, and this value more than doubles for young adults. In 2018, average opioid prescriptions for the state surpassed the national average by over 2%. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) also showed that drug-induced deaths surpassed 100, with opioid abuse and overdose accounting for up to half of the numbers.

The extensive road networks that connect the state with its neighbors appear to be a plausible culprit for Montana’s substance abuse patterns. Most of the methamphetamines are believed to come from Mexico, via interstate routes (I-94, I-90, and I-15).

Montana Addiction Treatment Programs

Adequate professional support is an indispensable recipe for accelerated addiction recovery. With this, clients can redirect their focus and energy to the things that matter most – reclaiming their lives and sustaining sobriety.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs, we are dedicated to helping you access expert care in dealing with substance abuse and addiction. Through our network of service providers in Montana, individuals struggling with chemical dependence can access individualized therapies.

Besides, we understand the importance of helping people find affordable recovery programs since high treatment costs deter most individuals from seeking therapy. Our service providers who will verify your insurance plans to ascertain the extent of your coverage can help manage treatment costs.

With our in-state recommendations, you can avoid the additional stress and expense of traveling outside Montana in search of addiction help. More so, being in a familiar environment with easy access to support from loved ones could fast track your recovery.

The journey to recovery begins with a step. If you will require more insights into our services and available options, call the helplines to speak with a recovery advocate for addiction treatment in Montana or out-of-state.

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