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Substance abuse is ravaging the United States. Despite the nation’s multiple strategies adopted to combat the scourge, it still struggles with grievous consequences from substance misuse and overdose. Drug overdose accounts for a majority of all preventable deaths. Likewise, alcohol use has been implicated in a substantial amount of driving-related injuries and deaths. The financial burden that comes with these consequences also constitutes a huge loss to the nation’s revenue. Hundreds of billions that would have been invested in other aspects of the nation’s economy are lost annually to substance use and addiction treatment. Worst still, it is unlikely that these statistics are going to plummet anytime soon.

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Branson is a popular vacation resort for several individuals across the nation. Being a location of choice for vacationers makes the city a possible entry point and a market for drugs and alcohol. Tobacco appears to be the most evident substance abuse problem in Missouri, with over 25% of the state’s total population reporting its use annually. Aside from tobacco, Missouri’s Behavioral Health Barometer also reveals an alarming trend of prescription drug misuse. An annual average of at least 200,000 individuals reported past-year misuse of prescription pain relievers from 2015 to 2017. Opioids that make up the bulk of most pain relievers were prescribed in the state at a rate of 63.4 per 100 individuals in 2018. Opioid-involved deaths doubled between 2012 and 2018, and spiked between 2017 and 2018, from 952 to 1,132.

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A Branson Missouri drug rehab program is specially designed to cater to the overall welfare of substance-dependent individuals. It integrates the right combination of therapies tailored to suit their unique experiences and needs. Some Branson MO drug treatment centers provide Inpatient, Outpatient, or Ambulatory services to their clients. Others may merge one or more of these services to design a recovery plan.

A wide range of holistic Branson MO addiction treatment therapies is provided at addiction treatment centers by certified, addiction therapists. These therapists are trustworthy experts in the addiction treatment industry. They also have years of experience marked with multiple sobriety testimonies.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Branson

Contrary to popular opinion, chemically dependent individuals are not altogether weak and helpless. Like every other disease, addiction can be treated and its fallouts reversed through the timely intervention of addiction experts.

At Alcohol and Drugs Rehabs in Branson, MO we are preoccupied with helping you or your loved ones find best-fit addiction treatment programs within or around Branson, Missouri. Our Addiction Professionals understand the struggle that comes with seeking for reliable Branson addiction treatment services and are committed to bringing you relief. We take pride in our team of professionals, who would treat your case with compassion and confidentiality. With the multiple addiction treatment specialists in our network, we are sure to get you something that fits like a glove. Our recommendations include affordable services and are renowned for their result-oriented drug rehabs in Branson, MO and out-of-state.

You do not have to wait for a perfect season to kick-start a recovery program. Take the first step to rewrite your addiction history by calling us today.

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