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Mississippi has had its share of the nation’s substance use and addiction crisis. The misuse of opioids (both in their illicit and prescriptive forms), among other substances is a major challenge in the state. In 2018, opioid overdose accounted for more than half of all drug overdose deaths. The state also ranked high for the prescription of opioid drugs and surpassed the national rate of 51.4 prescriptions per 100 persons by at least 25. Even though these statistics are a slight decline from recent preceding years, it is worthy of note that opioid-involved deaths doubled within the last decade.

Alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are commonly abused in Mississippi. Available data show that the state reported annual average rates that were similar to both regional and national values for the use of most of these substances. Although efforts are being made to curtail the sale and consumption of these substances within the state, as well as their distribution across its borders, very little progress has been made.

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The City of Moselle is located in Jones County of Southeastern Mississippi. The city’s small size probably writes it off as an insignificant contributor to the state’s substance use problem. However, Moselle may be playing a role in the distribution of drugs and alcohol across the state and region. The city lies along the famous US Route 11, which traverses several states and runs southwards from the Northern Canada-US border.

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Substance use can take diverse shapes and forms. Individuals who misuse drugs or alcohol do so for many reasons, some of which may not be clearly defined. The pull of peer pressure could be the obvious motivation for most adolescents and young adults, but it is not the only factor implicated in substance abuse. A host of other individuals also abuse substances as a way of experimenting with them, escaping from reality, or dealing with stress, depression, and anxiety. To others still, enhanced work productivity or ignorance may be the motivating spur. The far-reaching and terrible consequences associated with substance misuse and addiction are avoidable. It is possible to undo, or at least mitigate them by leveraging structured Moselle MS drug treatment programs.

Addiction Treatment in Moselle, Mississippi

The City of Moselle takes pride in its numerous addiction treatment centers. The customized services offered at these recovery facilities are geared toward leading substance-dependent individuals into abstinence. In addition to being affordable, most of these drug treatment programs in Moselle, MS, will accept most health insurance covers. Whether or not your substance use struggle intercepts multiple substances, or has deteriorated into dependence, the recovery regimens at these drug rehab centers in Moselle, MS, would prove effective.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Moselle, MS, we believe you can beat your addiction without going through all the hassle and frustration most people encounter. Our team of passionate addiction experts will connect you with the most promising top-rated recovery facility in Moselle. Reach out to us today via the contact numbers provided, and let us get you started on the path towards sobriety.

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