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Located in Montgomery County, Gaithersburg is one of Maryland’s largest and most prominent cities. Although the city supports only a minor fraction of the state’s populace, its distinct ethnic diversity and cultural heritage expose it to numerous tourists every year.

Gaithersburg is an integral part of a tri-state Metropolitan Statistical Area that incorporates Washington, DC, and cuts across Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The complex interaction between these states thrives on extensive road networks and trade routes. These essential elements fuel the widespread use of substances.

Like other states in the nation, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and opioids drive Maryland’s substance abuse challenge. These substances are widely misused by old and young people in the state. However, an unusual aspect of the state’s substance use pattern is the relatively high proportion of opioid-involved deaths it features. Luckily, Gaithersburg drug rehab programs offer a glimmer of hope to defeat addiction.

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Amongst the opioids misused in Maryland are morphine, codeine, heroin, and numerous synthetic opioids. Available data shows opioid overdose accounted for almost nine in every ten drug overdose deaths in 2018. These deaths more than tripled within the last decade and peaked at 2,087 in 2018, with synthetic opioids accounting for the highest deaths. At an average rate of 33.7 per 100,000 standard population, Maryland’s opioid-involved deaths surpassed the national rate of 14.6 significantly.

Substance Abuse and the Burden of Addiction Treatment in Gaithersburg, MD

The numerous consequences, which trail the abuse of drugs and alcohol in the United States, are far-reaching. They affect both chemically dependent and abstinent people and exert a severe strain on the nation’s human and capital resources. Drug overdose deaths, accidents, crime, and substance use disorders are some of the primary consequences of substance use. Finding addiction treatment in Gaithersburg, MD that is appropriate for your or a loved one’s situation is not always easy.

Expenses incurred from these events run into billions and span both addiction treatment and hospital admissions costs. Substance use linked-diminished productivity also accounts for considerable losses in both private and public corporations annually.

Anxiety and depression, heart diseases, kidney and liver dysfunction, and infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis have all been linked to substance use. These mental health disorders and chronic diseases are critical for individuals, families, and local communities.

Process of Finding Addiction Help Gaithersburg, MD

Attempts to break an addiction outside the structured framework provided in Gaithersburg, MD drug rehab centers are often fraught with challenges. The weight of withdrawal symptoms, relapse, and unmet expectations can breed depression or suicidal thoughts in individuals who spurn addiction help. However, there is a way out. The timely intervention of certified professionals remains the best and most reliable route to breaking an addiction and staving off its consequences.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs has built a reputation of excellent service delivery in Gaithersburg’s and Maryland’s addiction treatment industries over the years. Consequently, addicted people can trust us to guide them through this critical phase of their lives. Regardless of your budget, location, or specifications for addiction treatment in Gaithersburg, MD, we’ve got you covered. Our Addiction Advocates will guide you further on this journey when you book your first confidential assessment with us.

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