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Opioid use and misuse are an integral part of the United States’ substance use crisis. With almost seven in every ten drug overdose deaths connected to an opioid overdose, the drug remains one of the most widely abused in the nation. Louisiana’s opioid use dilemma is similar to that of the United States. It cuts across the drug’s prescriptive and illicit forms.

According to recent data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), opioids account for about 40% of all drug overdose deaths in Louisiana. This figure, reported in 2018, was an equivalent of 444 opioid overdose deaths out of the 1,140 overall drug-involved overdose deaths documented that year. Remarkably, following the pattern shown in the last few years, the values are not likely to diminish any time soon.

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Although prescription opioids may not be the leading cause of death in the state, the high incidence of their use among Louisiana residents calls for concern. At an average rate of 79.4 prescriptions per 100 persons, the state ranked top five for opioid prescriptions provision in 2018. Baton Rouge is perhaps not a vital contributor to the enormity of this crisis. However, the small city is not immune to the many unfortunate consequences of the state’s opioid abuse difficulty.

The Aftermath of Drug Addiction in Baton Rouge, LA

Individuals who live with an addiction to drugs or alcohol know how frustrating the experience is. Grappling with the many challenges that come with misusing substances can be burdensome for most addicted people. Moreover, these challenges can breed episodes of depression, suicidal thoughts, and a range of other mental problems in these individuals.

Although this narrative may be right for most people who abuse substances, it is avoidable. There is an escape route for individuals whose addiction history overlaps the above scenario, whether they have had better or worse experiences. There is help in the form of Baton Rouge, LA addiction treatment programs that treat substance use disorders.

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If you or your loved ones seek help to overcome addiction, then you just found it. Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Baton Rouge, LA offers the most reliable recommendations for addiction treatment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, or out-of-state.

At the core of our operations is our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction in service delivery. This policy means that we work with the best Baton Rouge LA drug rehab centers that provide an evidence-based approach to lasting recovery.

The Recovery Specialists we connect you with are certified professionals renowned for the evidence-based recovery programs they design for addicted individuals. These result-oriented programs are a merger of different therapies and modules that provide a comprehensive remedy for addiction. They incorporate holistic Behavioral Therapies and Dual Diagnosis for addictions co-occurring with psychological disorders. Other Supplementary Modalities such as Exercise, Music, Yoga, and Meditation, may also feature in these Baton Rouge drug rehab programs.

We take great care in ensuring the Baton Rouge, LA drug treatment programs we recommend match your needs and expectations in every way. Please, get in touch with our Recovery Advocates right away to tell us more about your budget and preferences.

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