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Kentucky is located in the United States’ South-eastern region, where it shares its boundaries with up to seven other states. These states, including Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia, and Illinois, are widely known for the substance use burdens they grapple with.

Supporting the intricate connection between Kentucky and these substance abuse-prone states are extensive interstate routes. Primarily, these road networks provide a viable system that supports the distribution and sales of substances both within the state and across the region. Despite Kings Mountain’s relatively small size and populace, it is perhaps impossible to exempt the city from this apparent trend.

Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and opioids are among the substances misused by Kentucky residents. However, a notable feature of the state’s substance use dilemma is its position as a top consumer of prescription opioids in the nation. In 2018, Kentucky drug providers wrote about 79.5 opioid prescriptions per 100 individuals, whereas only 51.4 were reported nationally.

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These statistics have influenced the state significantly, as prescription opioids are currently the second-leading cause of overdose deaths in Kentucky. Coming behind synthetic opioids, prescription opioids accounted for 315 deaths in 2018. In comparison, heroin and synthetic opioids caused 140 and 744 fatalities, respectively.

Complications from Substance Abuse and Alcoholism

At the core of substance abuse and alcohol dependence is the inability of addicted people to make informed, rational decisions. That’s where addiction treatment in Kings Mountain, KY, and out-of-state comes to mind when searching for a reputable KY rehab program. Of the numerous adverse effects of substance abuse, impaired decision-making stands out as a fundamental factor, that feeds the substance use cycle.

Because of their brain and nervous system’s critical alterations, substance-dependent individuals cannot decide to quit substance use independently. Even when they sometimes attempt this feat and succeed their abstinence is often followed by a series of severe withdrawal symptoms, which lure them into relapse. With relapse, addicted individuals are dragged even deeper into the mire of substance abuse. Ready for help? Addiction treatment near Kings Mountain, KY¬† is the best option if you’re truly ready to get over the hump and into recovery.

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Even though self-help strategies appear commendable, they are not always effective in breaking addiction. Recovery Therapists are in the best position to lead you or your loved ones out of addiction. They can develop functional, comprehensive therapies and modules that help addicted people make headway in their struggle against substance use. Among many other elements, their unique insight into the origin and basis of drug and alcohol misuse gives them an edge in providing practical drug rehab programs around Kings Mountain, New York.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Kings Mountain, KY, and out-of-state offers a commitment to giving addicted people a great head start in their quest for recovery is second-to-none across the City of Kings Mountain, KY. Over the years, we have built a legacy of excellent service delivery, unmatched across both Kings Mountain, KY, and the State of Kentucky. Remarkably, addicted people who trust us to provide them with high-quality Kings Mountain, KY addiction treatment recommendations have also been able to attain sobriety effortlessly.

You do not want to miss the numerous top-rated rehabilitation centers in our network or the several additional bonuses we offer. Reach out to our Recovery Advocates right away; we cannot wait to guide you on this fantastic journey.

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