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The prevalence of substance abuse across multiple age groups in the United States is no longer news. Every year millions of individuals ranging from adolescents to youths and older adults report the use of drugs and alcohol in the nation. In 2018 alone, over 139 million individuals aged 12 years and above used alcohol in the past month, and almost half of this number was involved in binge alcohol use. Cases of drug overdose deaths, DUI accidents, and suicides have taken a toll on the nation’s populace, and the statistics are quite appalling. It appears the joint efforts of government-owned and private agencies against substance abuse have been insufficient to effectively combat the challenge.

Of the several substances misused in Kentucky, methamphetamine stands out, and its use has seen alarming rates in recent times. The consumption of methamphetamines rose steadily throughout the last decade and by 2019, over 15,000 people reported using the substance. Although the marijuana use problem in the state is on a decline, the state may still be a major supplier of the drug across the nation. In 2018, Kentucky ranked among the top five states with the highest number of marijuana plants nationally.

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Bowling Green is one of those cities in the State of Kentucky whose substance use trend exerts a significant impact on the state. The large city is third-most populous in the state. It is also the county seat of Warren County. Being the location of one of Kentucky’s largest public universities also suggests the city supports a vibrant community of young people. Largely, these features are pointers to the position Bowling Green holds in the state’s addiction crisis. If you are searching for addiction treatment in Bowling Green KY, we are able to assist you around the clock.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Bowling Green, KY

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Bowling Green, KY, we channel our enthusiasm and skill into helping chemically-dependent individuals attain and sustain their substance abstinence goals. Through a committed team of Addiction Professionals, we connect you or your loved one to client-centered addiction treatment programs within or around the City of Bowling Green, KY.

Addiction Treatment in Bowling Green, Kentucky

The support we provide individuals who battle substance use or addiction episodes takes cognizance of their unique experience and preferences. In addition to relieving them of stress and leading them to recovery therapies that yield predictable results, we also pay attention to the financial buoyancy of our clients. However, affordability is not the only monetary benefit you enjoy when we link you up with top-notch Bowling Green KY drug rehab facilities. There are also provisions for you to turn in eligible health insurance covers that you qualify for, to fund part of your treatment expense. With the indispensable roles, your family and friends play in hastening your recovery, our in-city recommendations can keep them within your reach.

Reclaiming control over your life is a possibility and we can help you live it. Whatever questions, concerns, or reservations you have will be readily resolved when you contact our Recovery Advocates or book an appointment with us. We are waiting to hear from you and help you get started on finding the best drug rehabs in Bowling Green KY and out-of-state.

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