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The statistics for substance abuse and addiction in the United States reveal an alarming trend that cuts across both age boundaries and social statuses. Young people appear to be the most affected by this problem, most of whom would have experimented with drugs or alcohol before leaving high school. Despite the prevalence of addiction treatment centers and recovery programs, abuse patterns for most substances have remained unchanged.

According to the National Survey of Drug Use and Health, about 80% of young adults aged between 18 and 25 years reported ever using alcohol in 2018. This value differed by only about 1% of the averages obtained for the previous two years. Other commonly abused substances like cocaine, heroin, LSD, tobacco products, marijuana, and pain relievers followed a similar pattern.

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On the other side, the cost incurred from substance abuse in the form of crime lost work productivity, and health care has kept on rising. Opioid misuse cost rose by over $20 billion between 2007 and 2013, and the current annual cost of substance abuse exceeds $740 billion. Opioid abuse has steadily increased over the past two decades, and so are the deaths that have resulted from its overdose. Opioid-involved deaths account for at least 60% of all drug-involved deaths in the US. Of the 67,367 drug overdose deaths reported in 2018, almost 47,000 involved opioids.

Although the State of Kansas reports lower averages than national values for most substance abuse indices, it surpassed the national average for smoking in 2019. In 2018, 64.3 opioid prescriptions were written for every 100 persons in the state. This high rate, which suggests the widespread consumption of the drug in the state, surpassed the national rate of 58.7. Aside from smoking, and opioid use, the state has also been struggling with methamphetamine abuse.

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People abuse substances for different reasons. Peer pressure and the lure to fit in, self-medication, and depression, are the major factors that fuel substance abuse, especially in young people. Some people also abuse substances in a bid to get away from stress or anxiety. However, for most substance-dependent individuals, one thing is common. They are willing to trade long-term health and stability for the short-lived high feeling they get from using drugs or alcohol. This common experience deters them from seeking help and in turn, keeps them locked in the continuous cycle of abuse and addiction.

Kansas takes pride in its numerous rehabilitation centers that offer substance-dependent individuals customized help. The right combination of addiction treatment therapies and professional hands can help substance-dependent individuals reclaim their life. At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs, we take great pleasure in guiding you to reach your recovery goals. With our network of treatment service providers, you are assured of accessing tailored programs in Kansas that are offshoots of your unique addiction history. We do not only bring you closer to ending your substance abuse struggle, but we also make sure you find programs that fit your budget.

If you would like to make further inquiries about the addiction treatment facilities in our network, speak to our Recovery Advocates today.

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