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The ever-evolving, multilayered nature of substance misuse makes it stand out as a deep-rooted crisis in the United States. Drug and alcohol abuse is so complex, that the nation now requires collaborative efforts to hamper prevalence and its all-encompassing outcomes. Even more disturbing is the current craze for drugs and alcohol use amongst the younger generation. The eagerness with which these curious youths experiment with substances blinds them to the possible long-term negative impacts their actions may result in.

Indiana is a significant contributor to the substance use patterns of the Midwestern region, and the United States at large. The state ranks high for indoor cultivation of marijuana, and as such, could be an important enabler of marijuana use across the region. According to data from Indiana’s Behavioral Health Barometer, the state’s marijuana, and heroin use problem has skyrocketed over the years. Between 2014 and 2017, Indiana’s past-year marijuana use among individuals aged twelve and above rose to 13.8% from the lesser rate of 9.2% documented the previous decade. Worse figures and rates were reported for heroin within the same period and age range.

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Being the fourth most populous state and a prominent economic hub in the region, are possible factors fueling substance misuse in Indiana. The state’s shared boundary with Illinois, a leading drug and alcohol market in the nation may also have exacerbated its substance use challenges.

The Impact of Substance Abuse in Indiana

Millions of people battle substance abuse and addiction in the State of Indiana. However, only a fraction of this number seeks assistance from addiction professionals, due to reasons spanning stigmatization, fear, and reluctance. The fallouts of this diminished interest in recovery services cut across the barriers of age, education, and socioeconomic strata in the state. The surging rates in crime, substance use disorders, and chronic diseases, attest to these dismal statistics.  Drug overdose deaths, DUI-linked accidents, injuries, and suicides are linked to substance abuse. All these accounts for the majority of preventable deaths in the United States.

Finding Addiction Treatment in Indiana

The addiction treatment centers in Indiana can show you the way out of drug or alcohol dependence. They employ the formidable union of effective therapies driven by exceptional expertise in enabling addicted individuals to rescript their experiences. The serenity and convenience provided by the nature-immersed locations of these facilities would be a booster to your journey to sobriety. Moreover, whether or not staying in touch with your loved ones matters to you, you will profit greatly from the low-cost demands of these in-state Indiana drug rehab centers.

Regardless of how long you have been battling chemical dependence, you can live an addiction-free life with adequate professional support. If you are wondering where or how to find a recovery program that offers all these bonuses and more, then you can count on Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Indiana to help you. Our team comprises of compassionate and dedicated professionals, with years of experience in the addiction treatment industry of Indiana. Do you have any questions or need questions on the next steps? Reach out to our Recovery Advocates today.

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