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The Midwestern State of Illinois has been described as a microcosm of the United States. This recognition, however, appears to extend beyond the state’s thriving, highly diversified economy, into its substance use trend. Recent data suggest a decline in the number of overall addiction admissions in the state. However, with the surge in other indices like economic costs, deaths, and disorders related to substance use, it becomes obvious that these figures are very different from the state’s actual dilemma. A likely explanation for this discrepancy is the fact that the majority of people who struggle with addiction fail to seek therapy.

Opioid use is a major problem in Illinois, and the rising number of opioid-involved deaths have been attributed to the increased use of opioids as prescription drugs. In 2018, 80% of all drug overdose deaths, an equivalent of 2,169 deaths involved at least one opioid. A concern, however, is the widespread use of these drugs among youths in the state. Between 2013 and 2014, 40,000 adolescents reported past-year non-medical use of prescription opioids. It is speculated that the parents and relatives who share their opioid prescriptions with these youths are oblivious of, or perhaps indifferent to the dangers of non-medical opioid use.

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The misuse of alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco products also constitutes a burden on the state’s health and economic sectors. Illinois’s role as a dominant socioeconomic hub in the nation and its intricate, interconnected transport networks are the leading factors implicated in its substance use problem. Illinois drug rehab centers provide solutions to substance use disorders for men, women, and families.

What a Drug Rehab in Illinois Offers

As a structured Illinois addiction treatment plan, a recovery program comes with numerous benefits. Apart from helping you regain control over your life, it also increases your chances of staying sober, even after a long time of substance use. Expert addiction specialists with years of experience in addiction treatment design and offer recovery programs. They integrate a wide range of therapies that helps you beat substance use. They also equip you for the new life of independence, post-recovery.

Overcoming Substance Abuse and Addiction in Illinois

Although addicted individuals are commonly stigmatized and discriminated against, substance dependence is not a terrible, irreversible problem. It is a disease of the brain, and influences or otherwise impairs an individual’s ability to quit the use of drugs or alcohol despite obvious unpalatable consequences. Just like every other disease which people live with, addiction can be treated. Multiple research outcomes attest to the high advantage substance-dependent individuals derive from addiction therapies and professionals.

At Alcohol and Drugs Rehabs in Illinois, our primary interest is helping you reach and surpass your recovery goals. Working through a team of committed Recovery Advocates, we assist you to access affordable therapies from the best Illinois drug rehab centers within or around the state. These drug rehabs in Illinois or out-of-state merge research-based modalities and state-of-the-art facilities to design bespoke recovery plans for you or your loved one. Moreover, experienced, multi-specialty addiction therapists who are devoted to giving you a remarkable recovery experience will cater for you. You can get started today.

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