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If you are searching for drug treatment in Boise, ID, then you’ve come to the right place. Boise, nicknamed ‘The City of Trees’ is the capital of the State of Idaho, and serves as the county seat of Ada County. It has a rich reserve of historical landmarks, as well as natural places of attraction, making it an ideal tourism hub in the state. The Bogus Basin Mountain is a popular site for skiing, hiking, and biking. The Old Idaho Penitentiary, Idaho Botanical Garden, and several parks are also among the tourist attractions in Boise.

Boise ranks as the most populous city in both Ada County and Idaho. With its high population, the prevailing substance abuse patterns in the city are expected to be quite similar to those of its county and state. The 2017 Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment for Idaho reported that marijuana arrests in the state saw a steady increase between 2014 and 2016. Ada County recorded up to 4,802 arrests, compared to the far lesser figures observed with other similar counties. Alcohol-induced deaths per 100,000 surpassed 8.7 in the county, with some counties documenting none of such deaths. In 2016, DUI arrests surpassed 1,600 in the county.

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The financial implications of these effects of substance abuse are enormous and constitute a high drain on the nation’s economy. Impaired driving crises cost Idahoans over $1 billion, with up to $846 million involving expenses incurred on fatalities.

The best addiction treatment services adopt holistic therapies and strategies in combating substance abuse and addiction. A holistic addiction program brings together several research-proven techniques to design bespoke treatments for individual patients. Irrespective of the age, experience, and needs of a client, it yields expected results. Through it, individuals who have had a hard time overcoming substance abuse and addiction get back their lives. They also rebuild confidence in themselves, and in their ability to follow through with abstinence resolutions.

How do you find Boise addiction treatment for yourself or your loved one?

You would agree that finding and entering a Boise drug rehab center that befits you is fraught with its challenges. For someone who is not familiar with the addiction treatment industry, it would cost numerous trial and error sessions. It would also lead to a waste of time, energy, and money in addition to the feeling of uncertainty that trails the search.

Well, that is exactly why you can always count on Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Boise, Idaho.

We will connect you or your loved one with the best, holistic addiction treatment programs in Boise, Idaho, and out-of-state. With a rehabilitation facility located in your immediate community, you also enjoy a few more benefits. These include easy access, lower expenditure, and emotional support from your family members, and friends. Our exceptional staff team will give you the confidential and professional care you deserve.

If you have questions or need assistance, our Boise Drug Addiction Treatment Specialists are waiting to hear from you. Call us now and let us help you find what works best.

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