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The substance use problem of the State of Hawaii affects a significant fraction of its residents. Substance use treatment admissions spiked in 2015, with almost 6,000 enrollments. The sharp reduction witnessed a year later was short-lived as a significant rise in cases was recorded in 2017.

Alcohol is likely Hawaii’s most widely used substance. Little wonder, it also accounts for the highest number of cases of substance use disorder in the state. Between 2014 and 2017, over 70% of all cases of substance use disorder reported in Hawaii were caused by alcohol overuse. Binge alcohol use among youths in Hawaii showed no remarkable difference between the state and the Pacific region. Between 2015 and 2017, past-month binge alcohol use was reported in 47,000 Hawaiians aged between 18 and 25 years.

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Kihei, a small town located in Maui County is home to some of Hawaii’s major research centers. This feature, coupled with the town’s relatively high population, possibly sets it up as a viable spot for drug deals and substance abuse in Hawaii.

Drug Rehab Centers in Kihei, HI

Substances are quite popular for the indispensable roles they play in the treatment and management of diseases, and their associated symptoms. They have also been shown to induce subtle changes in the brain that may affect one’s mood and overall feeling. The ecstatic or relaxed feeling that accompanies the use of most illicit drugs arises from their ability to affect the normal functioning of the brain. If you’re in need of drug rehab centers in Kihei, HI then we can assist you on the recovery journey.

Strangely enough, despite their temporary nature, the above roles drugs and alcohol play are enough to drive substance abuse and addiction in most people. At the expense of their overall wellbeing and comfort, these individuals relish the short-lived benefits offered by substance use and overdose.

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The tragic consequences of substance abuse extend beyond addicted individuals to their families and local communities considerably. In the United States where a large percentage of youths and adults struggle with drug and alcohol abuse, these effects may be astronomical. Suicides, drug overdose deaths, accidents, injuries, crime, and ever-rising financial costs are the recurring aftermaths of substance abuse and addiction. The unfortunate events identified above are could be reversed. With the support of Kihei HI addiction treatment centers, you can circumvent these outcomes and spare yourself, family, and your community the avoidable losses they bring.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Kihei, HI can show you how to enjoy all the benefits that come with regaining control over your life and staying sober. We adopt a unique approach to helping you that provides both affordability and comfort. With our support, you will not have to travel out of the City of Kihei, lose touch with your loved ones, or break your bank account to make headway in your struggle against substance use. Our Recovery Advocates will help you find highly rewarding, nearby recovery programs when you contact or book an appointment with us. Nothing stops you from getting started right away with addiction treatment in Kihei, Hawaii and in the surrounding areas.

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