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Hawaii is unlike most US states, both in its location, and cultural diversity. Largely, the distinct features of the state appear to have influenced its substance use patterns. Available statistics rank the state below national and regional estimates for the use of most substances. However, despite the apparent progress the state’s substance use challenge has witnessed, it still bears considerable resemblance to the nation’s crisis.

Among the numerous substances used by the residents of Hawaii, alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana top the chart. Opioid use has been quite unsteady over the years, and so are the deaths that have resulted from its overdose. In 2018, and at a rate of 4.1, Hawaii reported 213 fatalities from a drug overdose, and only 59 of them were the result of an opioid overdose. Prescription opioids, despite witnessing low patronage from Hawaiians, still accounted for the majority of opioid-involved deaths in 2018.

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Why People Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

Although the intrinsic qualities of substances are important, they do not incite substance use or addiction alone. Most addicted individuals would report at least one out of the myriad rationales that may trigger substance use or misuse. Young people who abuse substances may do so under the lure of peer pressure or the pull of experimentation, but they also relish the high feeling that comes with it.

Alternatively, stress, overwork, anxiety, and depression are often the most common spurs for drug and alcohol use or dependence in older adults. If you’re in need of a reputable addiction treatment program in Hawaii or anywhere in the country, then we can quickly help you or a loved one find the right place.

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Without adequate professional help, it becomes almost impossible for substance-dependent individuals to break free out of their dependence on drugs or alcohol. Even though this perspective is not shared by most chemically dependent individuals, it is no less a fact. Several unfortunate fallouts often plague the perceived courage that is channeled into overcoming one’s substance use struggle in isolation or quitting drug use abruptly. In the end, people who tread this uncertain path encounter series of relapse cycles that end up reinforcing the grip of addiction over their lives. This ugly narrative may be true for most addicted individuals; however, you can decide to chart a favorable course for your substance abuse predicament.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Hawaii and our network of rehabilitation centers within Hawaii and out-of-state are particularly poised to help people struggling with drug or alcohol use. They offer a wide range of tailored Hawaii addiction treatment programs that yield predictable results in these individuals. The modules that make up these Hawaii drug treatment programs merge a variety of contemporary techniques renowned for their effectiveness. Your addiction history may span multiple substances, or intercept one or more co-occurring disorder. However, these therapies know how to work their way over-complex, long-term addictions.

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