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Georgia’s substance misuse challenge cuts across both drugs and alcohol abuse. Although the consumption of drugs remains the leading substance use problem in the state, a significant fraction of Georgians still struggles with both drug and alcohol use. Data from a 2017 single-day count of people enrolled in substance use treatment across the state reported up to 90% prevalence of drug use in these individuals.

Tobacco, methamphetamines, and opioids are the commonly misused drugs in the state. Opioid-involved deaths in Georgia have risen over the years, climaxing to around 1,000 in 2017. In 2018, opioid use accounted for 866 deaths and was responsible for over 60% of all drug overdose deaths.

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The City of Augusta is enmeshed in the substance use trend of the State of Georgia. Ranking as the second-largest city in the state, Augusta readily enlists itself as one of the economic and technological hubs in Georgia. Amongst the multiple factors influencing the city’s substance use crisis are the interstate routes which run through it. Perhaps the most important of these interstates is I-20, a major east-west Interstate Highway in the Southern United States. I-20 runs through Augusta and past Atlanta, connecting several other cities along its Texas-South Carolina route.

Addiction Treatment in Augusta, GA

There are several reasons why tailored therapies would always trump self-help measures or isolation in dealing with substance use and addiction. The fact that recovery programs adopt reliable treatment modules and yield easily predictable outcomes are key advantages. Then, there is so much more to the benefits of seeking professional help in breaking the vicious cycle of addiction.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Augusta, GA

The many drug rehab centers in Augusta, GA or out-of-state are dedicated to assisting substance-dependent individuals to beat their addiction. At these centers, people who are wary of their addiction dilemma or clueless about what kind of therapy yields the best results will receive support from experts. The Addiction Therapists who cater to the needs of these individuals possess years of experience in Augusta’s substance use and addiction terrain. They are also widely renowned for the innumerable sobriety testimonies they have received from formerly dependent individuals. With the convenience provided by the state-of-the-art facilities at these Augusta GA drug treatment centers, sobriety is assured ever before these individuals commence therapy.

The client-centered recovery programs we recommend at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Augusta, GA and out-of-state are both research-based and result-oriented. We work through an enthusiastic team of professionals whose proficiency in listening and attending to the needs of clients is unparalleled in the whole of Augusta. With our support, you will be able to write off your current futile struggles with substance use, without losing touch with the people and things that matter most to you.

Let us spare you the frustration associated with accessing effective addiction therapies. If you are yet uncertain or undecided, our Recovery Advocates would be willing and glad to offer you useful guidance and support. Reach out to us with your questions or concerns and let us help you start all over again.

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