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The United States grovels under an overwhelming burden of substance use and addiction. This problem, which affects many of its residents, has contributed to significant losses in human and capital resources. Its all-encompassing nature suggests an ability to impact both people who grapple with addiction from long-term substance use and those involved in first-time experimentation with drugs or alcohol. Abstinent people are not left out of the loop as they too feature in the futile cycle of crime, violence, financial strain, DUI accidents, and deaths that result from substance use.

How Bad is Addiction in Kent, Connecticut?

Like most states in the nation, Connecticut has not effectively managed its substance use challenge. Although the state grapples with the misuse of multiple substances among its residents, alcohol use still plays a major role in its substance use crisis. According to recent data from its Behavioral Health Barometer, Connecticut ranks ahead of the nation for most alcohol use indices reported between 2017 and 2019. Addiction treatment in Kent, Connecticut is needed to help stop the spread of the scourge of this disease.

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Within this period, around 28,000 adolescents initiated alcohol use, a figure that surpassed the combined values reported for first-time cigarette and marijuana users. At its annual average rate of 13.0%, past-month alcohol use in this age group also significantly exceeded the national rate. Notably, young people are not the only ones enmeshed in this challenge. Binge alcohol use in adults also showed appalling statistics. With almost 200,000 young adults indulging in binge alcohol use within the said period, Connecticut surpassed the national rate of 35.4% by over 10%.

Where to Find Addiction Treatment in Kent, CT

The complexity of the United States’ substance abuse problem calls for multifaceted strategies to effectively combating it. Among these numerous strategies are the recovery programs delivered in accredited, high-trust rehabilitation centers. Addiction treatment plans can help addicted people reclaim ownership of their lives and regain the confidence and self-esteem they lost to substance abuse. Little wonder they still stand out as a reliable means of curtailing substance use across the nation – the State of Connecticut inclusive – and mitigating its several awful outcomes.

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Kent, CT, despite its small size, has a fantastic collection of high-quality addiction treatment centers. These centers offer some of the most practical, rewarding, and excellent-oriented treatment programs you will find across the state. Consequently, if you need assistance breaking your addiction or have a loved one who does, there are more than enough nearby options that you or your loved one can explore. Furthermore, with support from Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Kent, CT, and out-of-state, you spare yourself the stress of searching for these programs alone.

The Recovery Therapists at Kent, CT drug renters enlisted in our catalog have years of experience in Kent’s addiction treatment experience.. They are also highly empathetic experts who understand the complicated nature of addiction. Individuals who have concerns around mobility or affordability do not need to worry. The Addiction Advocates in our team are prepared to walk you through the entire length of your quest for abstinence. So please, reach out to us to make further inquiries and take this final life-changing turn in your substance use history.

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