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The prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse in the United States has become a nagging, unyielding crisis. Even with the nation’s numerous rehabilitation facilities, it still struggles to efficiently understand and curtail the spread of its substance use epidemic. Several individuals are negatively impacted by this problem, including newborns, young children, adolescents, and adults. Although the authorities have made commendable progress, it is quite unlikely that the overall statistics are going to plummet any time soon.

Presently, substance use is reported in up to 6 in every 10 adolescents and adults in the nation. This represents a bulk of the nation’s population, but then, the challenge has also had its toll on infants. In 2016, neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome (NOWS) was reported in about 0.7% of all hospital births, nationally. By 2017, Connecticut had surpassed the previous year’s national average with its report of a 0.97% prevalence. NOWS affects newborns whose mothers misused opioids during pregnancy.

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Aside from opioids, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and methamphetamines are also among the commonly abused substances in Connecticut. According to recent data from the state’s Behavioral Health Barometer, Connecticut currently exceeds national estimates for both tobacco and marijuana use in adults. Between 2014 and 2017, average annual tobacco use was prevalent in 49.1% of individuals aged 18 years and above in the state. This value was equivalent to about 190,000 adults. Marijuana use also followed a similar trend during the said period. Its average annual use was 45.1%, an equivalent of about 175,000 adults.

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Addiction treatment programs in Canaan, CT and out-of-state always outshine alternative treatment routes in overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. They offer multiple remedial aids to chemically dependent individuals. Their therapies integrate research-based modalities and proven strategies that yield precise, time-bound results. Coming from competent Recovery Specialists who are both professional and empathetic in service delivery, you will be simply amazed at how fast you break your addiction.

Dealing with Alcoholism and Drug Addiction in Canaan, CT

Canaan’s small size, coupled with its quiet, nature-immersed setting makes it an excellent location for overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Canaan, Connecticut works with a wide range of abstinence-providing rehabilitation centers both within and outside the city. Thus, irrespective of your location, you will be able to find nearby Cannan, CT drug treatment facilities that suit your preferences. The recommendations we connect you with provide client-focused addiction support to substance-dependent individuals. They also know how to keep you sober for a long time, regardless of the duration for which your addiction has lasted.

The Recovery Advocates at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Canaan, CT can lead you or your loved ones to best-fit recovery facilities that yield predictable outcomes. We are a devoted team of professionals who are as passionate about your recovery as you are. With our support, you will be able to turn around your current substance use predicament without hassles. Let us help make your sobriety dream a reality.

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