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For the first time in over 20 years, the fatal drug overdose rate in the United States declined. In 2018, there were 4.1% fewer deaths than in 2017. However, public health officials are not quick to celebrate this small win. The drug crisis in Colorado remains dire. The state government has admitted that chemical dependence and overdose continue to devastate communities, families, and individuals. Colorado saw its second deadliest year of drug overdoses in 2018, according to the Colorado Health Institute.

Colorado Springs is the largest municipality in El Paso County. The city represents how the drug crisis has affected the state. Based on an assessment report on El Paso County, there were 767 opioid prescriptions per 1000 residents and over 30 million opioid pills dispensed in 2017. Furthermore, city officials worry about the influx of enormous volume of opioids to non-medical users from illicit drug dealers. In September 2017, law enforcement recovered nearly 11 pounds of heroin in Colorado Springs valued at approximately $2.4 million.

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The Office of Behavioral Health has identified stigma as the major roadblock to recovery in Colorado. Many residents still consider chemical dependence as a moral failure. In reality, chemical dependence is a treatable neurobiological disease, similar to chronic ailments like diabetes. No one starts out wanting to become addicted. While chemical dependence is typically hard to overcome, it is possible with professional help.

Recovery is a personal journey that is unique to each individual. Thus, recovery specialists perform an initial assessment to determine the best-fit Colorado Springs addiction treatment programs. Nevertheless, recovery often begins with residential supervised detox. Detox typically lasts for about 2 weeks and aims to remove accumulated toxins in an individual’s body. It also prepares the brain and mind for further treatment.

However, detox alone cannot achieve long-term recovery. Individuals in recovery may need inpatient rehab to achieve lasting sobriety. Therefore, recovery specialists provide individualized treatment in the form of group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dual diagnosis. Inpatient Colorado Springs addiction treatment continues for 3 months or longer, depending on personal needs. There is no hurry when the goal is to achieve a fulfilling life and sustain sobriety.

Treatment becomes flexible through intensive outpatient programs and transitioning at halfway homes. After completing inpatient care, addiction specialists use the 12-step approach, counseling, and recovery group meetings to sustain the progress achieved.

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Chemical dependence is a vulnerable period and it is common to feel overwhelmed in finding help. However, there is hope with professional help. By envisioning the drug-free future you desire, you will find the strength to continue in treatment. And your recovery specialists will be there every step of the way.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Colorado Springs remains committed to providing easy access to addiction treatment in Colorado. Our network of addiction specialists provides optimum care in clean, confidential, and secure facilities. We also understand the importance of getting quality care at an affordable cost. We will help you find the best-fit and affordable program that meets your recovery goals. If you have specific preferences or questions, our recovery advocates are always available to discuss them.

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