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With its well-developed transport infrastructure and central location in the Western United States, Colorado is a popular hub for drug deals and abuse. It shares boundaries with New Mexico and Arizona, which lie on the seeming drug-permeable Mexican border. It also boasts of a rich cultural diversity that provides a favorable environment for drug dealers of diverse cultural backgrounds to thrive.

The past decade saw a steady rise in drugs and alcohol abuse in the State of Colorado. The legalization of recreational marijuana in 2013 further worsened the already disturbing marijuana use patterns in the state. It provided a legal basis for chemically dependent individuals to access and use marijuana. The law permits the possession of only small amounts of marijuana. However, this amount is significant enough to influence the abuse of the drug across the state. Today, marijuana is arguably the most widely abused drug in Colorado, after alcohol. It is not the only drug being abused in Colorado. Methamphetamines, heroin, prescription drugs, and cocaine also make the list of common addictive substances in the state.

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Data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) supports the obvious alarming trend of substance abuse in Colorado. The state average surpassed both the regional and national averages for most of the indices analyzed. Between 2014 and 2017, the prevalence of past-year marijuana use among young adults was 47.9%, surpassing both the regional and national averages by over 10%.  For people above the age of 12, past-year marijuana use in Colorado had an average (24.2%), almost twice the average recorded between 2002 and 2005 (13.8%).

Deaths from substance abuse and overdose far outweigh those from road accidents in the state. Between 2007 and 2019, drug deaths increased by 44%, from 11.5 to 16.6 deaths per 100,000. Opioid-related deaths alone reached 564 in 2018, almost equating road accident fatalities in that same year.

Where to Find Drug Rehab in Colorado

Drug treatment centers in Colorado and out-of-state offer a wide range of services. This presents an overwhelming array of options for substance-dependent individuals who seek sobriety. It is already enough for them to bear the burden and stigmatization that accompany the struggle to quit substance abuse. Allowing them to go through the additional stress of seeking best-fit addiction treatment themselves may affect their readiness to participate in a recovery program.

At Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Colorado, we relieve our clients of this stress by actively participating in their addiction recovery journey. Our team of dedicated addiction professionals is passionate about helping you access patient-tailored therapies within Colorado. These therapies are specially designed to cater to your overall being, without necessarily intruding into your normal routine.

With our network of addiction treatment centers in Colorado, you are guaranteed access to a wide range of research-based, holistic programs. Regardless of your needs or specifications, we will help you locate the most suitable facility. If you are concerned about the extent of your insurance coverage, you will be able to access a free verification process to clear your doubts.

For more guidance, call the helplines to speak with a recovery advocate.

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