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Westlake Village is a town in Los Angeles County. As a small settlement of fewer than ten thousand residents, the town’s contribution to the statewide drug and alcohol use predicament may be negligible. However, its location in Los Angeles County suggests it is not exempted from all the ugly fallouts that tag alongside substance abuse in the state. As the state’s most populous county, Los Angeles County supports a relatively large fraction of California residents and stands out as a vital commercial hub in the state.

Alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and opioids are among the most misused substances in California. Data from the state’s recent Behavioral Health Barometer report relatively high initiation rates for some of these substances in adolescents. Around 268,000 and 243,000 individuals used alcohol and marijuana for the first time in 2019. Although lower than the national prevalence rate, first-time cigarette use was also reported in 49,000 adolescents.

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The Pathway to Drug or Alcohol Abstinence

Most recovery plans kickstart with Detox. As a fundamental component of addiction treatment, a detox program plays a two-part role that increases one’s chance of finding sobriety. It helps addicted people cope with the burdensome consequences of drug or alcohol abuse and makes them better responsive to recovery therapies.

After a successful detox session, addicted individuals may enroll in holistic addiction therapies depending on their substance use history and unique needs. These therapies span Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Dual Diagnosis, and various Supplementary Modules. Supplementary modules incorporated into addiction treatment include exercise, meditation, yoga, music, and arts. Depending on the severity of the addiction and a patient’s responsiveness, these therapies may run for several days, a few weeks or even months. Most recovery programs also provide follow-up programs that help recovered individuals remain abstinent after treatment.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Dependence in Westlake Village, CA

To struggle with substance use or live with a loved one who does can be overwhelming. Coping with discrimination from members of the public is just one phase of this dreary experience. People who struggle with drug or alcohol abuse also live with the ugly side effects of addiction while sometimes grappling with recurring relapse episodes. If left unattended, the impact of these burdens may breed depression, anxiety, or even severe suicidal thoughts. However, there is a way out. You and your loved ones can circumvent this horrible sequence of events that follow substance abuse.

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Turning to Alcohol and Drug Rehabs for support is equivalent to saying yes to sobriety and all the possibilities it brings. With our Addiction Advocates, you are spared the harmful side effects of addiction and empowered to take charge of your life. We understand how frustrating this phase has been for you and your loved ones; so, we are simply offering you a second chance at living the life of your dreams. You can explore numerous options within our network of California-based rehabilitation centers, irrespective of your location. Kindly reach out to us today to book your first appointment.

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