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San Juan Capistrano, CA is a city that is infamous for its rich and several historic sites. Thus, it is a favorite travel destination for residents and out-of-state visitors to California. Nevertheless, San Juan Capistrano is not immune to substance addiction. A long shadow of substance abuse hangs over the city as residents and families grapple with dangerous illicit drugs and addictive prescription pills.

In 2017, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHA) released a devastating report on drug-related emergencies. According to this report, San Juan Capistrano has had a year-on-year increase in drug-related deaths. The city also ranked fifth-highest among all municipalities for medical emergencies related to drug and alcohol abuse.

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Contrary to public expectations, the majority of drug-related overdose and deaths were among Non-Hispanic White residents at 81%. Hispanic residents accounted for 14% while racial minorities accounted for 4% in total. The common drugs of abuse were natural and semi-synthetic opioids followed by heroin and methadone in adults. Meanwhile, marijuana has become a prevalent drug of abuse among high-school students.

Furthermore, San Juan Capistrano has a worrisome rate of drug-induced collisions. In 2016, the city had a collision rate of 127.5 per 100,000. This put it in the second-worst quartile, according to California Highway Patrol. While there is a significant drop from the 2014 rate of 160.0, the figure is still high enough for concern.

Despite these struggles, the city has not given up in its efforts to clamp down on drugs. For example, the police department confiscated illicit drugs worth over $1.6 million in 2018. Likewise, the city initiated ordinances that prevented a potential marijuana boom. And when California legalized recreational use in 2016, the City Council banned marijuana dispensaries and commercial cultivation.

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Chemical dependence is typically difficult to overcome but recovery is possible. On one hand, getting professional help reduces the chances of relapsing considerably. This is because treatment specialists quickly recognize individual needs and employ withdrawal management during detox. On the other hand, trying to quit solo or at home can injure your chances of achieving sobriety due to relapse.

Furthermore, beating chemical dependence in a residential facility is as important as developing coping strategies for long-term recovery. This is for when you or your loved one transition to the stressors of real life. Most importantly, the recovery journey can be quite long. Thus, you will need a supportive community that understands the unique struggles you face. Your community will share personal insights and encourage a lifestyle that sustains post-treatment sobriety.

We understand that the desire to seek help is closely tied to the proximity of the facility. At Drug and Alcohol Rehabs, we bridge this gap for San Juan Capistrano residents. With a network of top-rated treatment service providers, our team can help you find the best-fit treatment center in no time.

Another factor is a lengthy history of relapse. We can help you get back on track irrespective of how long the struggle with chemical dependence has been. Besides, if you have specific preferences or questions, our recovery advocates will be happy to help. Call us now.

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