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When faced with challenges, resorting to drug or alcohol use appears to be the new norm in today’s world. Within and outside the United States, adolescents, youths, and older adults are caught in this trend that makes the substance abuse crisis almost insuperable. Interventions from governmental agencies and private institutions to curb the prevalence and mitigate the ugly fallouts of substance use have recorded only minimal impact.

In the United States, where a relatively high proportion of residents use drugs or alcohol, or both, the overwhelming impacts of substance use are often far-reaching. In 2019, over 165 million US residents aged 12 years and above used a substance in the past month. This figure included those who misused at least one of alcohol, tobacco, kratom, and illicit drugs. Among the consequences that have trailed this unusual prevalence of substance use in the nation are DUI-linked crashes, overdose fatalities, crime, and substance use disorders.

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Roseville is one of California’s most populous cities and the largest in Placer County. Being part of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area is not the only factor contributing to the city’s appalling substance use patterns. Interstate 80, an essential interstate route in the nation, also runs through the city.

What it Means to be Addicted

The changes drugs and alcohol initiate in the brain, when consumed, appear to be the most significant effect of substance abuse. These changes lie at the heart of most addictions marked by a habitual reliance on substances, regardless of the dangers involved. Continuous substance use reinforces the alterations that birth addiction in the brain, exposing chemically dependent people to the many ugly aftermaths that trail addiction. Notably, this setting in of addiction, a critical phase in the substance use cycle, accounts for the severe withdrawal symptoms addicted people suffer when they abruptly quit substance use.

The outward manifestations of these changes in addicted people vary widely. People who grapple with substance abuse may suffer poor interpersonal relationships or indulge in violence and crime. They are also exposed to different psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, and hallucinations.

Dealing with Substance Abuse and Addiction in Roseville, CA

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs’ job is to connect you or your loved ones with reliable options for addiction treatment. We do this by understanding your substance use history and any accompanying risks you face, including co-occurring disorders and chronic infections. With this in-depth insight into your struggle, our Addiction Advocates can help you find personalized modalities that make provisions for your unique concerns.

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Among the modalities, you access from our catalog of Roseville-based addiction treatment centers are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Dual Diagnosis. Additional modules may also cover Anger and Stress Management, Exercise, and Meditation. A core component of these holistic therapies is how they prepare addicted people for life after recovery, in addition to helping them reach abstinence effortlessly.

We will love to watch you beat your addiction within the shortest possible time frame. Get in touch with our team today to book an appointment.

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