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California stands out as a significant influencer of numerous trends both within the United States, and globally. Tragically, substance abuse is one of these trends. Several factors contribute to the enormity of the state’s substance use crisis. Its high population and thriving economy are perhaps the two major ones. The state’s link with the Mexican state of Baja California may also be playing a role in the prevalence of this problem.

Recent data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) show a gradual rise in the incidence of opioid overdose deaths across the state. Prescription opioids, despite their reportedly low rate of use, currently top the chart with the highest opioid-involved fatalities. Whereas prescription opioids were responsible for 1084 deaths in 2018, heroin and synthetic opioids resulted in 865 and 778 deaths, respectively.

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Palmdale, located in California’s most populous county, Los Angeles, supports a considerable fraction of the county’s population. Among other contributing elements, the city is mostly affected by the prevailing drug and alcohol abuse patterns of its host county and state. Addiction treatment in Palmdale, CA and out-of-state offers a way out from substance abuse.

Why You Need Help to Break an Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol

Living with a dependence on drugs or alcohol can be a severe struggle for most people. Addicted people do not enjoy the sense of pride and self-worth that come with being in control of one’s life. They are somewhat configured to derive pleasure and satisfaction from substance use and misuse. Their experience may keep them ecstatic and high a few times. However, these emotions are often temporary, as they are quickly inundated with anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, or constant suicidal thoughts.

These two opposing feelings create an oppressive vicious cycle that breeds frustration in chemically dependent people. Little wonder, individuals in this category spend most of their time searching for or devising new ways to retain or protract the short-lived excitement that accompanies substance abuse. The above traits may make addiction appear seemingly impenetrable, but it is not. Palmdale CA addiction treatment solutions are the most sure-fire way to overcome this lasting and chronic problem.

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Experts agree, and have proven that addiction can be managed and reversed in the presence of timely, practical support. Thus, those who opt for professional aid in a bid to unravel and win over their substance use dilemma are sure to make headway in their recovery journey.

The Recovery Advocates at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Palmdale, CA are keen on helping addicted people find their way through the maze of substance abuse. Our knowledge of the substance use patterns, and challenges of Palmdale, and the entire State of California puts us in the best position to offer you guidance. The top-quality service of the several accredited Palmdale CA drug rehab facilities in our network means you can never get it wrong with us.

If you are looking for evidence-based Palmdale CA addiction rehab programs that merge accessibility, affordability, and excellence, we have got you covered. Reach out to us for further guidance on how to take advantage of the numerous, result-yielding options in our catalog. We will assist you in bringing your sobriety dream to reality.

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