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California’s substance use narrative is quite similar to this national pattern. Adolescents, youths, and older adults misuse drugs and alcohol across the state and for diverse reasons. Being the most populous state and a principal economic hub in the nation complicate California’s substance use crisis. In the last few years, the alarming rates reported for most substance use indices in the state have been trailed by many unfortunate aftermaths that have impacted Palm Desert and its many residents.

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The rising rates of opioid overdose deaths in California suggest the state’s opioid abuse challenge is still deeply rooted. In 2018, opioid overdose caused 2,410 fatalities in the state. The breakdown of this figure showed 865 and 778 deaths resulted from synthetic opioids and heroin abuse. Prescription opioids, on the other hand, topped the list with over 1,000 overdose fatalities.

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The best programs for addiction treatment are tailored to the experiences of addicted individuals. These programs can cater to the needs of people whose addictions overlap the misuse of drugs and alcohol or co-exist with psychological disorders. They explore differences in the substance use history of these individuals to develop unique detox plans and recovery therapies that yield long-lasting results.

To identify and enroll in Palm Desert’s best addiction treatment centers, you will need the help of Addiction Professionals. With these professionals, you save yourself the stress of scouting the city or entire state for rehabilitation facilities that meet your specifications or preferences. That way, you are more likely to devote your energy, money, and commitment to the actual recovery process. You also worry less about whether your choice program is affordable or nearby.

The Addiction Professionals at Alcohol and Drug Rehabs have been instrumental in the recovery journey of numerous individuals across the United States. In California, we work with an extensive network of certified addiction therapists whose expertise cuts across drug and alcohol addictions as well as co-occurring disorders. Within our network of experts and accredited recovery centers, you will find Palm Desert-based centers that are perfect for you. Regardless of the duration of your addiction crisis, the complications that have trailed it, or the obstacles you face in finding sobriety, we have got you covered on every side.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs have made provisions for you to have a hitch-free transition from being substance-dependent to becoming abstinent. Please, reach out to us through our contact lines to make further inquiries or choose your preferred recovery plan.

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