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Choices for Drug Treatment Near Me

When someone has made the lifesaving decision to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program to get professional help for their ongoing addiction or alcoholism- finding one fast and located near you is urgent. Fortunately, the options for quality drug and alcohol treatment in all fifty states are excellent. Substance Use Disorder, also known as addiction, can be successfully treated through comprehensive treatment programs that target specific addictions and provide separate programs for men, women, and young adults when needed.

Choices for Drug Treatment Near MeSuperior Addiction and Alcoholism Treatment Methods

Drug treatment near me that offers comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment will rely on a set of fundamental treatment methods and therapies that have been proven to be effective for helping someone recover from their addictions.

These include evidence-based based forms of therapy, individual counseling, group counseling, medication-assisted treatments- also known as MATs, holistic therapy, anger and stress management, relapse prevention, and family counseling. Within this frame of drug and alcohol treatment methods, a client must also receive an individualized treatment plan.

Why an Individualized Treatment Plan is Necessary

Addiction and alcoholism are diseases of the mind and emotions that stem from multiple influencers. One person may be a heroin addict and suffered neglect or abuse as a child. Someone else may abuse Xanax and grow up in an alcoholic home with no violence. Or an individual may have an underlying mental health disorder that contributed to their struggle with addiction or alcoholism. No two people share the same life experiences, addiction histories, or the same emotional or mental health diagnoses, which means a treatment program should be personalized.

The centers that cater to the unique needs of the individual will design an individualized treatment plan that is designed by experts who specialize in addiction and alcoholism recovery. The guidelines that form a personalized treatment plan take into account all of the factors and reasons why this individual suffers from substance use disorder.

Medically Supervised Detox

It is important to remember when selecting a treatment center near me that certain addictions will require that the individual be admitted into a medically supervised detox program before entering their treatment program. It is recommended that anyone who is struggling with an addiction or alcoholism regardless of whether they experience withdrawal symptoms or not, be admitted into a medically supervised detox. Medically managed or supervised detox programs provide essential emotional and mental health assessments and professional care that are often necessary when a person stops using or drinking.

The addictions that will require detoxification include: Opiate addictions such as heroin, fentanyl, and prescription pain killers; Benzodiazepine addictions to Xanax, Valium, Ativan, or Klonopin; Alcohol; and Stimulant addictions such as cocaine and methamphetamine. Each of these addictions causes severe physical, mental, and emotional withdrawal symptoms. A medically supervised detox program will provide safe and effective medications to help the individual tolerate the withdrawal symptoms without discomfort.

Medically managed drug detox centers near me typically work in tandem with treatment programs. Ideally, it is best to attend a treatment center that offers medically supervised detox services. This way, the individual’s treatment, and care will be provided by the same addiction counselors and other staff members that they were introduced to in detox. However, insurance concerns and other factors may require that an individual attend detox then go to a separate program for their treatment. Relying on a professional recommendation by people who specialize in addiction and alcohol treatment and detox as to where and what type of treatment program is needed is the most reliable way to decide where to get help.

In or Out-of-State Drug Treatment

Many individuals need to find a treatment center that is located in their city because of family or work commitments or financial ability. Others may prefer to go out of the city or state to get treatment. Most addiction and alcoholism specialists do recommend that a person consider leaving their home environment and state to better support their treatment success. Sending a person far away from their drug dealers or favorite bars is helpful. It allows them to disconnect from their old lifestyles of drinking and drugging more easily.  

Often the decision and desire to give up getting high or drunk will not depend on where the treatment center is located. The road to recovery requires expert help and support. If a well-recommended treatment program is located in the same city to you or your loved one or farther away, the professionals at the center will be able to determine if the individual is serious and if remaining in their same city is wise or not, and vice versa.

The research that our addiction recovery specialists complete to enter a treatment center into our network must meet exceptional standards of drug and alcohol treatment methods and options as well as be staffed by medical and psychiatric professionals. Our listings only include licensed and experienced drug and alcohol treatment centers that maintain high levels of success in helping individuals get and remain drug and alcohol-free long term. Our network is compiled of treatment centers in the United States that meet our strict criteria.  

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